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The Law Offices of Ledger & Associates

The Law Offices of Ledger & Associates is composed of trusted and experienced personal injury attorneys who are always prepared to defend your right as a victim who has been injured with other's negligence - whether it happened physically, mentally or emotionally. The firm understands the situation of being injured in an accident, and getting the settlement could be the last thing in a person's mind, so  they offer service from the best personal injury attorneys in the state of California who will take over that settlement. 


Every member of their team is dedicated to provide the best legal service possible for their clients, and are very willing to take every action that will help them get the compensation they deserve. The Law Offices of Ledger & Associates wants only the best result for their clients, and they want to be part of their process in moving on and getting back the life that they have lost before their accident. 

"Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character."

~ Robert E. Lee

Personal Injury Accidents

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