Common Vehicle Accident Injuries You Need To Know

According to the recent study, more than three million people are injured every year due to vehicle accidents across the country. These different injuries resulting from a vehicle accident may vary as the individual circumstances of each collision, however there are also some types of vehicle injuries that are more common than the others. Some may be resolved within a matter of days, even without medical treatment at all. But more serious ones might become permanent and will result in physical disability.

Car Accident

Scrapes and Cuts


In a car accident, any loose objects inside the car usually becomes projectiles thrown about your car;s interior. Things like coffee mugs, books, cell phones, eyeglasses, pens, etc. hit your body during the collision and can cut easily your skin or even cause other injuries. Sometimes cuts and scrapes are usually minor and needs no medical treatment. The more serious ones can result in the loss of your blood and may need a lot of stitches.

Soft Tissue Injuries


A type of injury that causes damage to your body's connective tissue, which includes your ligaments, tendons and muscles. This is the most common type of injury when a car accident occurs. A whiplash type of injury to the upper back and neck is a form of soft tissue injury. In this type of injury, your ligaments and muscles are stretched because of the sudden movements imposed on your head and neck during the collision. These forces and mechanisms can cause other soft tissue injuries in other parts of your body.


Head Injuries


This can take a number of forms. Some head injuries are minor and some are quite severe. A vehicle's unexpected stop or change in your direction can cause your head to experience unnatural and sudden movements. This can cause some strains in your muscle around the neck or injured your head itself. An impact with a steering wheel or side window causes scrapes or bruises and even deep lacerations. Some severe collisions can cause a closed head injury. Most severe impacts can cause brain damage.


Chest Injuries


Chest injuries are also a common type of injury. These typically take form of bruises, but can also be severe such as internal injuries and broken ribs. Drivers usually experience chest injuries because of the position behind the steering wheel and allow little a freedom of movement before the driver's chest collides with the steering wheel.


Leg and Arm Injuries


The same kind of forces that unexpectedly throw a driver's head in car's collisions that act similarly on legs and arms. Your legs usually have little room for movement. Depending on the collision's nature, injuries to your legs and arms might just be mere scrapes or bruises. But sprains and even breaks can also happen.


Keep in mind that some of the injuries are not that readily apparent following a vehicle accident. Depending the nature of your injury, it may take days, weeks or even years for symptoms to appear. So if you are involved in a car accident, it is important to seek medical treatment and consult a personal injury lawyer for your car insurance policy and to discuss some legal matters.

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