Between Negligence And Coping With Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents


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The moment you set foot on the road, being aware of the people around, not to mention the road signs, should be considered. Otherwise, you will never know when you will meet an accident. Road accidents that involve bicycles and automobiles can lead to serious injuries. Some would even result in fatality. It's worse than you could imagine. This is the reason, victims hire an accident attorney in Los Angeles to allow them to recover from the aftermath of a bicycle accident. 

The rules and traffic signs are made for the motorists and pedestrians. Bicyclists are not an exemption. Drivers do not just put their hands on the wheel, step on the gas and drive. They have their duty. They are supposed to obey the traffic rules and regulations. This does not limit them to the traffic laws and their duty to exercise care with regard to everyone's safety. You, a family member, or a friend may have decided to hire an accident attorney in Los Angeles to keep their rights protected after meeting the accident, hiring a car accident lawyer is the wisest decision you could make. 


After Filing for Settlement Claim 


You may have thought of the reason why he hired an accident attorney as he coped with the bicycle accident. Perhaps, you may have decided to defend and represent yourself in the federal court. Yes, it could be possible, but you have to understand the difference of hiring an auto accident attorney to handle your case. Generally, they protect your rights. Your lawyer and you have the same goal – recover from the damages and injuries resulting from an accident. Its outcome would depend on these two questions.

  1. Was the accident resulting in injuries and damages to the bicyclists caused by the driver's negligence?

    First, you have to realize the negligence and recklessness are two distinctive meanings. They may sound similar, but they're not. Negligence comes in different forms. It could be that the car driver was running at a stop sign or most possibly, drifting his way in the bike lane. On the other hand, as he continues to drift his way and hits an innocent bicyclist on the bike lane, it is at this point where recklessness is evident. Accidents have resulted because the other party was violating his duty of care and the rules of the road. Victims will be working with their lawyer to defend their rights and achieve the fair settlement. 

  2. Was the accident resulting in injuries and damages caused by the bicyclist's negligence?

    No, it is not at all times where car drivers are not doing their duty of care. There are times when accidents occur because bicyclists are negligent and reckless. The tables are not turned. Bicyclists may have their rights on the road, but it does not exempt them from following the rules and regulations. Moreover, it doesn't mean that just because you are riding on a bicycle you can pass anywhere. 


You have to learn that you are not alone. Whenever you drive, focus on the road and care for the people on it. 



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