Watch It Kid!

Watch It Kid


The main reason you have hired a car accident lawyer is to be represented and defended during the litigation or settlement claim process. They are in the right position who would be able to handle your case and most of all, protect your rights. Accidents could happen anytime without any warning. Even if it is our duty to keep everyone safe, some would still be violating the rules and bring an individual in danger. 

Road accidents are no longer new in the streets of California. You or a family member could be involved in an accident. It could be a car collision. Perhaps, a bicycle accident. You will never know when someone would be negligent with his actions and cause the accident to occur. As a matter of fact, it is sad but true that more kids are involved in a bicycle accident than adults. You have to keep in mind that when it comes to children riding on their bikes, drivers are required to be with extreme caution and exercise their duty of care. Bicycle riders have their fair share and rights on the road. Moreover, they have to be extra careful the moment they ride and pedal. 


First thing, you have to understand that bicycles are also considered as vehicles. Yes, riding on it can be fun and healthy. Being cool is not about riding fast and beating the wind blowing your face. It's about being safe when you ride. As soon as you have checked the parts and ensured that it is safe to be brought on the road, these tips should keep you away from any injuries and dangers you will meet on the road. 


Tip # 1: Wear a Helmet


Just because there are Los Angeles car accident lawyers available to handle your case if even you would be able to meet one doesn't mean you do not have to be careful. Save your life. Get used to wearing a helmet when riding on your bicycle. Think of it as your seat belt when you ride in your car. 


Tip # 2: Make Adjustments


Adjust your vehicle so you can be comfortable and safe when you ride on it. Adjust the seat height whenever it is necessary. 


Tip # 3: Check the Equipment


Tires and your brakes are just one of the essentials you need to check before you ride. You can inflate the tires properly and check the brakes to ensure whether or not it would work. 


Tip # 4: Be Visible


No matter the time of the day you are taking your bicycle on the streets, you need to be seen by motorists. If you think wearing white would help you be more visible, think again. Instead, you can wear bright colors during the day and take advantage of the lights that flashes or something that could reflect light. 


Tip # 5: Look Ma! No Hands!


NEVER do this. Keep at least one hand on the handlebars.


The bottom line is, always be careful when you ride on your bicycle. A Los Angeles accident attorney will be there to back you up when you meet an accident and would want to have a fair settlement claim. You can work with him, but you have to take note that you should have avoided the accident to happen should you have been careful. 

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