Who's Paying For The Auto Repairs?

Paying For The Auto Repairs

You can always ask a Los Angeles car accident attorney in case you are still wondering who is going to pay for your auto repairs. We all know that meeting a road accident caused by someone's negligence, the person at fault has to be responsible for all the injuries and damages resulting from the incident. Auto repairs are not an exemption. At this point, you may want your car get back on the road or perhaps, get the value of the vehicle. Although each state may not have the same laws with the other, car accident lawyers in Los Angeles know how to study, represent and defend your case in order to have an agreement and have the right amount of vehicle claim. Both party insurance companies may matter, but, let's take a look on these issues and learn from them. Thereby, you will soon determine, who will be responsible for the damage repairs

Insurance Company Pays

No matter which state the accident occurred, you have to realize that the insurance company has to pay for the damages and even the injuries that have been incurred. This is the reason, hiring an auto accident attorney in Los Angeles should be the first step after meeting the accident should you want to have a fair settlement. Keep in mind that most insurance companies only look after their benefit and not on the victim's. If there's one rule that you have to take note when filing for a claim – NEVER talk to these insurance adjusters or else they could use your words against you. So, leave it to the car accident attorney in Los Angeles instead. They are in the right position to negotiate with these insurance company adjusters since they have the knowledge with regard to this. 


Insurance companies may be responsible for the damages resulting from the accident, but ONLY up to its policy limits. In other words, should the driver at fault has caused your vehicle damage amounting to $10,000. On the other hand, he has only up to $5,000 of the property damage coverage. This simply means, the insurer will only be paying $5,000 to cover for the auto repair costs. 

How will you get the insurer to pay for the repair costs?

In order to have the insurance company cover for the car damages or the vehicle repair expenses, you have to follow these steps. 


Step 1: Report the Accident

You can't just go to the insurance company and ask for an amount of money to cover for your repair costs, rather you still need to file for a claim by reporting the accident. 


Step 2: Inspection

Usually, insurer inspects on the car and check for the damages incurred. Oftentimes, he brings a mechanic to determine on the damages. Else, the car will be brought to the mechanic so as to request for an estimated amount of the damages to be repaired. 


Step 3: Discussion

Lastly, adjusters will discuss things to come to an agreement. During this time, a fair settlement can be brought should your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance companies. 


As soon as everything should work out, you are now ready to get your car back on the road. 

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