The Secret Behind Staged Car Accidents Revealed

Any Los Angeles personal injury attorney would be able to determine whether or not you have been a victim of these staged-car accidents. If you are unsure what you have gotten into, it is always a good decision to seek help from a legal professional. Their knowledge, skills and their experience equip them to represent and defend your right when you needed to. So, don't be fooled by these people taking the risks and take desperate measures to the extreme and perform a staged car accident. It's about time to be aware as we unveil its secrets.

Common Staged Car Accidents Scenarios

Staged Car Accidents

Accident attorneys in Los Angeles know these kinds of scams. For some reason, these people do not want to face through the tough economic times. Thus, they perform these accidents on the road. Believe it or not these people also practice and conduct rehearsals. This should ensure them to perform well on the actual staged car accident scene.


T-Bone Accident

You may be familiar with this kind of accident and so do the injury lawyers in Los Angeles. So, how do they perform this accident? Con artist waits for your car patiently as you proceed to an intersection. He jams his pedal gas and T-bone your vehicle. Thereby, whenever the police arrives and files for a police report, even witnesses could tell that you ran on a stop sign. At this point, they are free to file for their claim to recover for any damages or injuries incurred.

Courtesy Wave

Most likely, this scenario occurs during a heavy traffic. Take heed in this kind of choreographed accident. Are you ready? Once this scam artist would be able to notice that you wanted to switch on lanes, he waves his hand so you can go ahead. As you maneuver to the lane, he will step on the gas in order to result in a collision with your car. When the police arrives, he would deny that he provided a courtesy wave. In conclusion, you should be at fault causing the accident to happen.


Swoop and Stop

You have to be very careful once you put your hands on the wheel. Anything could happen. In this scene, you will notice on a car that would suddenly stop in front of yours. So you will not be able to meet the accident, you step on the brakes to avoid your car from swerving and causing an accident to happen. Passengers, not to mention the con artist driver as well, will collaborate with a chiropractor or a physician so they would be able to file for a personal injury claim for the fake injuries that they have incurred. Remember, even actual doctors find it difficult to determine a whiplash injury.


False Endorsement 

Last, be careful who you would be dealing with. It may be an actual accident this time, but you will never know whether or not they would be in cahoots with this lawyer, doctor or repair shop. This is the reason, it is better to seek advice from a Los Angeles attorney in order to be directed on what to do and how to go through the process of filing for a personal injury claim.


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