The Different Types Of Compensation You Deserve In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Whenever you are caught in an accident caused by someone's negligent actions, the California personal injury law allows the victim to be well compensated to enable him to recover from the damages or losses resulting from the accident. Personal injury attorneys in California ensure their clients who have been suffering from an injury, damage of property, or any kind of loss will be eligible to seek for monetary compensation in a personal injury case. Lawyers would define and call this kind of compensation as 'danger'.

Although you may be able to represent and handle the case on your own, it is still best to hire a personal injury lawyer. You have to keep in mind that there is a greater chance that you would win the case if you have one of the best personal injury lawyers by your side working his way and proving to the court that the accident was caused by the other party's negligent actions. Victims deserve to recover and be compensated for the damage. To further understand this compensation, let;s discuss on the two basic categories of the damages awarded to the plaintiff with regard to the personal injury claims.
  1. Compensatory Damages
  2. Punitive Damages

On the other hand, the first category - compensatory damage is broad and for that, it can be broken down to:

  • general damages
  • special damages

Compensatory damage can be explained whenever you seek legal advice as you visit injury law firms. This is one of the reasons for hiring a lawyer. They are equipped with their knowledge and skills. Thereby, it would be impossible that you will not be able to win the case and recover from the accident.


Compensatory damage compensates the injured party for any harm he has been suffering. In fact, victims are able to experience this in almost all types of personal injury case. Other than the auto accident, slip and fall, and medical malpractice cases, when it comes to a wrongful death case, compensatory damages may apply. However, the damages that would be available in these types of cases may not be typically found elsewhere. 


Meanwhile, punitive damages are only awarded to a few number of cases. This type of compensation is not tied to any harm incurred by the plaintiff, rather this monetary compensation is needed in order to punish the person at fault. Remember, the goal in any personal injury case will always depict that the accident has resulted because an individual has been negligent with his actions causing the other party to experience pain and suffer from injuries.


Along with the major type and categories of damage, the plaintiff or the victim may be eligible to collect the right amount of compensation. Here are its other types of damages:

  • General Compensatory Damage
  • Wrongful Death Damage
  • Punitive Damage
  • Collecting Damage

Most insurance companies ensure their clients will be rewarded with the right compensation to cover for the expenses from medical bills, doctor's fees and other charges, loss of earnings, household expenses and other damages, not to mention the defendant has to cover on the pain and suffering and other types of damages only to gain the plaintiff's life back.

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