Pedestrian Accidents: A Driver's Worst Nightmare

Pedestrian Accidents


Yes, calling an injury accident attorney is a good idea to straighten things out when you are caught in an accident. Picture this, you have been keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while driving, when suddenly a pedestrian comes out from the roadside wanting to cross. Or how about this incident where a pedestrian pops out between two idle cars parked and the next thing you knew is you have hit a pedestrian. This is when a driver meets his worst nightmare. Pedestrian accidents are no longer unusual not only in the state of California but elsewhere in the country as well. This is where the demand of injury accident lawyers have greatly increased. People involved in these kinds of accidents wanted to recover from any damage both physical and other properties and most of all from any personal injury.


Taking Responsibilities


An injury accident lawyer explains that between the driver and the pedestrian, both have to be responsible for his actions. It may be the driver is negligent to his actions or the pedestrian. Either way, taking responsibilities would mean that you need to be liable not to hurt others and at the same time, one needs to be liable of protecting oneself. So, in any case, when talking about personal injury accidents, the person at fault has to be determined. Perhaps, at some point, the pedestrian was negligent with his actions thus, he was hit by a vehicle passing. There are a lot of causes pedestrian accidents occur.


Pedestrian Accident Causes


Whenever you would hire one of these vehicle accident attorneys, you need to ensure you is really at fault causing the accident to happen. Here is a list why this types of accidents happen.

  • Disobeying Road Signs and Traffic Lights


    Whether you are crossing the road, walking on the roadside, you still need to follow on the rules of the road. Crossing the street when it is even on a red light can create a huge accident. So, in order to be safe and secure, follow the rules. And most of all, drivers need to follow on the traffic rules. Do not fail to cross ONLY at pedestrian lanes and when it is safe.

  • Distracted Drivers


    Not only will pedestrians have to be careful on the road, drivers need to pay attention and not lose their focus on the road. Otherwise, they will not only meet a pedestrian accident, there would be greater chances of meeting personal injury accidents. Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is one of the most common causes that will lead to accidents.

Who is to blame?


Although you may be able to prove to the courts that you are not at fault the accident happened, you may want to hire a personal injury attorney so he will be able to represent and defend you. Final judgment still awaits as to who is to blame. The injured pedestrian may call on his insurance company or hire a lawyer as he files for a claim, on the other hand, you also need to find ways and prove that it was the pedestrian not taking his responsibility causing the accident to happen.


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Personal Injury Accidents

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